Conveniently located in the city of Chiang Mai, 

CMIS exists to provide high-quality, American standards-based education to the international community living in Northern Thailand; particularly the American Missionary and Diplomatic communities.  True to our history and the traditions of our founders, we offer priority acceptance to applicants who fall into specific social and professional categories.   CMIS has been helping meet the educational needs of the international community in northern Thailand since 1954.

We offer an English-language, American-sourced education taught from an international perspective. Our well-qualified teachers provide instruction that is aligned to a standards-based curriculum focused on learning. The academically rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered in our high school help prepare our graduates for admission to outstanding universities and colleges around the world.

In order to maintain the international diversity of our student population, we are only able to accept a limited number of Thai, Chinese, and Korean applicants.  Application to CMIS is competitive, and all students must have a minimum level of English-language proficiency before they can be considered for enrollment.  The primary conditions for acceptance are academic eligibility, English-language proficiency, and exemplary behavior.  

CMIS is licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, owned by the Foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT), and operated through an appointed nine-member administrative advisory board. The day-to-day activities of the school are run by a Thai school manager, a Thai director, a foreign superintendent, and two principals (primary and secondary).

Built on a tradition of providing educational excellence in a caring community, today we remain the school of choice for students from over 30 different countries. While remaining true to our core values of the Christian faith, we welcome students from all faiths, cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds from the expanding international community in northern Thailand.