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Admissions Process

The CMIS Admissions Committee is responsible for making all decisions regarding student applications. In their assessment of an application, the Committee takes the following information into account:
- applicant’s profile - previous academic background - letters of recommendation - performance on CMIS entrance assessment - English language ability - availability of space at the recommended grade level / support program
Please contact our Admissions Director, Ms Melody Morse, at for further details.

Admissions Decisions
Admissions decisions for August enrollment are made from February through August of the preceding academic year.  For students in Pre-School to Grade 5 who apply to enter after the school year has already begun, decisions are made once an application is complete and availability of space is confirmed.

Our school has a closed semester policy for Grades 6 to 12, which means that the intake of new students in those grades occurs only twice a year – before the beginning of each semester (in August and January).  Following review of an application by the committee, an admissions decision will be issued in writing, based on the following categories:
Accepted: The applicant is accepted for enrollment to CMIS, and a space is reserved for them at the appropriate grade level. Additional placement testing may be required for specific course selection in Middle School or High School.         - Accepted, with additional screening required:  The applicant is offered a place in the school based on acceptable academic qualifications, as determined by the CMIS Admissions Committee.  However, grade level placement and potential entry into ESL, EAP, and/or Learning Support programs will be determined following further testing upon arrival.
  In some cases, further interviews with CMIS administrators or teachers, additional support in English, or a summer school placement may be a prerequisite to program entry.
Not Accepted: The applicant does not meet CMIS’ requirements for admission, or no space is currently available at the appropriate grade level.  Each year, some applicants are denied admission for one or more of the following reasons:         - academic qualifications         - behavioral issues         - English language proficiency         - ESL / LS program availability